#DanielRadcliffe exiting his hotel in Paris on 17th September.
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What is your favorite moment of joy? It could be anything. Like the smell of fresh grass, or wearing a new pair of shoes for the first time. x

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What if I was all alone in a room with Daniel Radcliffe?


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The secondhand excitement and thrill and nerves for Elsa going to the French Horns premiere IS SO STRONG 

I know, just as long as she has the best day of her life, wish I was going with her. 

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Just taking some photos of Daniel Radcliffe running on the beach. It was so nice of Harry Potter to come stay with us on our honeymoon! #creepy #itreallyishim #neverreadthebooksorsawthemovies

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Via AlloCiné. Alexandre Aja and Daniel... - | Facebook

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Ron and Harry’s imaginary predictions for their Star charts in Divination which actually happen during their fourth year. - Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (Page 196)

want to start circling this around again, because I am still amazed by the fact that I managed to see this

Bollocks is obviously a great word to dismiss something. We’re not a particularly hot country, but we have a lot of very colorful phrases for sweating. My favorite is one my friend used to say—“sweating like a glass blower’s asshole,” which is a delightful English phrase, very vivid.

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Anthony Greens Currently taking over sumerianrecords Instagram and its hilarious, he’s so creative with his captions and location headers. 

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Daniel Radcliffe for Mental Floss / Dale May

. This whole interview is Dan just unloading a chunk of weird and interesting information from his brain and handing it too us. If someone’s asks me today what I’ve learned they’re in for a treat.
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